Sunday Currently, Vol.5

To you my dear sweet Summer.
You don’t know how much I’ve missed you.
I’ve waited for you.
I have always been.
I had cold days and nights.
Frigid air seeped through my bones.
I earnestly counted the days when I will see you.
Now, I am delighted to see your heart.
To feel the sun.
To embrace your warmth.
I love so many things.
But I definitely love doing them with you.
From morning coffee on the patio,
to midnight chitchats by the bonfire.
From reading my favorite book on the couch,
to spontaneous adventures on the shore.
From munching through all my cravings,
to weekends devouring on ice creams.
From simple procrastination at home,
to a remarkable tour.
You didn’t only make me tan.
You didn’t only create lines.
You engraved memories in the heart.
The good and the bad.
You put endings.
You started new beginnings.
You never failed to make me fall in love with you.
Without doing anything.
Just by simply being you.
Gracing me with your light.
I’ve always love you.
I hope you did love me back.
Soon, I will bid you goodbye.
Please come a little bit earlier next time.
And don’t be in a rush to go by.
I hope you’ll be as incredible and daring as you always are.
So, to you my dear sweet Summer.
Know that I will miss you.
That I will wait for you.
As always.


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