CXIX. A century a decade and nine. Yes, one hundred and nineteen years has passed after the proclamation of sovereignity and independence from colonial rule of Spain. We are not only celebrating freedom but we are also commemorating those who offered their lives in exchange of that freedom. But up to what extent can we say we are free?? Do we have the courage to look in the eyes of those who fought for our freedom, and tell them straight to their face that their efforts didnt go to waste? That we are enjoying every bit of that freedom??

Freedom is being who you really are without asking for anyone’s permission. It’s doing the things we’ve always wanted without anyone’s approval. It’s telling the things we’ve always wanted to say, without omission of any word. It’s expressing all your emotions.

We live in a world where society’s approval is a major consideration in everything that we do. From the things that we say to the dress that we wear. You cannot give unpleasant comments about your work because you are afraid that your manager will have you under their watchlist. What happened to freedom to our own opinion? You keep your emotions all by yourself because you are afraid if others would still accept you despite knowing who you really are, the good and the bad. What happened to being true to yourself?? You cannot wear clothes according to your preference because you are afraid of the bystanders catcalling you. Striking red lipstick will have people maliscously look at you as being seductive and easy. What happened to human/women’s rights?? Having your body inked would always hold a negative stigma to those who are rightfully intelligent members of this society. You are cautious with what you eat because people will always have something to say about you gaining weight. What happened to being proud of the skin you are comfortable in? What happened to freedom?

Each one of us had experienced these things in one way or another. It’s like you do or not do things not because that’s what you’ve always wanted to but because that is the expectation from you. Others had their stand and gained freedom. Others are still living behind the shadow of societal acceptance. But how free are we really? Your actions will speak of volumes.

via Daily Prompt: Volume


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