I know He does. I know He always will.

So I was on my way home, and as usual, my mind was again caught up in a deep thought. Then this random guy approached me, handed me this piece of paper with a printed message on it while telling me to keep smiling. I think I looked so helpless and confused to his eyes. But the truth is, my brain was just in a battle between you-need-to-save-money and you-only-live-once thing (hahaha).Well, I know He does and always will, but still, thank you for reminding me.

And then I was reminded of those who tend to forget that there’s a Big Guy up there looking after us. And that whatever we are going through in our life are all according to His plans.

There comes a point wherein we question everything that’s going on with our life. Remember, we are where we are because that is exactly where we are supposed to be at the moment. We are what we are because that is exactly what we are supposed to be today.

Stop overthinking about things. They happen because we are supposed to experience them. It is ok to be tired. It is ok to be stagnant. It is ok to be stuck. Don’t feel so little of yourself because of these things. They don’t make you less of a person. There are a lot of thoughts, decisions, efforts, struggles and emotions behind them. It’s not because we are not good enough. It’s just that we are still learning. We are still growing. We are still exploring what we are capable of doing. We are a work in progress. And these things are all part of the journey. We fail because we are supposed to learn from those mistakes.

Stop worrying for not achieving what is expected from you or what you expect from yourself. It is a long journey. The roads will be rocky. There will be a number of obstacles along the way. Don’t give up whenever you fall. Don’t give up if you can’t move forward. What’s important is that every time we fall, we always bounce back. Every time we are scared to continue ahead, we have the courage to stand still right where we are. We have the strength to keep standing while waiting for the time we can tell our self that we can finally take that one step forward.

Do not think that you are defeated. Do not feel that you are on the losing end. Because we’ve got nothing to lose. We are only gaining. See, change is the only thing permanent in this world. So it’s ok. Things will eventually change. Every failure will help us succeed. Every mistake will lead us to a right decision. Every moment that breaks us will make us whole. Every struggle we encounter will teach us to survive.

So, stop questioning. Your life is going exactly how it is supposed to be. Just live in the moment. Trust yourself. Trust the Big Guy up there. He knows how much you can handle. He knows how far you can go. You are not a failure. You are capable. Keep smiling and let the game of life rolling.

via Daily Prompt: Lifestyle

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