Why are you single? I guess, that is the biggest question that can be thrown to anyone. It is so vague that even I, when confronted by these words, was not able to answer immediately without any second thoughts.

Why are you single? In this date and time, people think that being in a relationship is mandatory to everyone. It seems like each one of us are obliged to be romantically engaged. The society sees you to be anything far from being normal if you are not in a relationship with someone. Knowing that you are still single for already quite a long time, or even when you already outpassed the socially accepted age to be with someone, people look at you with confused-disappointed-judgmental stare. Being single is not a crime nor a punishment fellas!

Why are you single? It’s not because she didn’t have any option. Maybe, she’s not just into trying all the options she has, just to find out which one would suit best for her. It’s not that she’d set her standards too high. Maybe, it’s just that even after trying to defy those standards for someone she really liked, things still didn’t worked out. She blamed herself for not sticking into it, and thought that it could have been a lot less painful if she only did. It’s not that she’s been choosy or demanding. Maybe, it’s just that she already learned and knew her worth and didn’t want to settle for less than what she deserved, just to satisfy the expectations of this society. She had witnessed a few infidelities around her. She had observed so many heartaches. She’d even experienced  some. She had heard a lot of lies. She had known stories of forgiveness being wasted. She had seen trust being trampled down. Moreover, she’d seen how these things can break someone. She knows how these things can make someone think so little about themselves, but others think of these as just petty little things. Despite all these, she didn’t loose her hopes about love. She just got afraid of the after effects, that she decided to guard herself up. And it will take a lot of courage and effort to break that wall down.

So, the next time you ask people “why are you single?”, please don’t ask just to satiate your own curiosity of why they are, because it entails a lot more than just an answer and it will begin far more than just a simple because.


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