No, you don’t know her. She’s nowhere near perfect for a girlfriend. She’s the most complicated girl to love. She overreacts over small things. She notices even the littlest of mistakes and gets mad because of it. She’ll nag at you, at times. Her mood swings are very unpredictable. She laughs out loud and can be very noisy, then be quiet at once when she needs to think and mull over things. She’s clingy and will want your full attention on her. She wants to be your priority. She has so many insecurities about herself and must be reassured most of the times. She’s not capable of fully trusting you and has the tendency to give up and push you away when she feels like she’s on the road to getting hurt.

Loving her will cost you your heart. Loving her will hurt you. Loving her will make you go crazy. Loving her will challenge you. It will make you question what you know and what you believe in about love. Loving her will test your temper. It may come to a point where you can’t stand her anymore and would want to give up. You see, she has been broken a couple of times. Loving her can be so consuming that you need to be patient to keep up with her demands. You need to be strong enough to handle her when she’s in her worst and most vulnerable times. Yes, being with her is not a piece of cake.

But when you hit the right spot, and have her fall in love with you, she’ll love you wholeheartedly. She’ll never say yes if she’s unsure of you and of her feelings for you. She’ll give her genuine love and affection. She’ll ask you for nothing, but just for a love without deceit and lies, in return.

So, do you still want her?? Can you accept a complicated girl who’s far from being ordinary??

via Daily Prompt: Ordinary


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