Sunday Currently, Vol.2

A fairy tale love story is every girl’s dream. A perfect  prince charming and the happily ever after ending. With the latest remake of Disney’s adaptation of Beauty and the Beast, comes our great interest with every once upon a time, happily ever after and everything in between. It once again awaken the little children in all of us.

But, what does these tales possess, that make us so into those magical love stories? The thing is, it’s not just about the mystical romance between the princess and her prince. It’s about the pureness of the heart of each character in the story.

Every fairy tale never failed to  delight and feed my thoughts about princes and princesses. We all know how the kindness and pureness of Belle’s heart softened the cold, heart of steel, monstrous-looking Beast. Now, let’s talk about the other characters that made the story more appealing (and even made me cry in between).

There is Maurice, the overprotective and noble father, who will do anything for his daughter, even to the extent of allowing the villagers to lock him in an asylum just to save her  daughter. It also shows the immeasurable loyalty from the castle’s staffs like Lumiere(castle’s butler), the candle or candelabra, rather; Cogsworth (head butler), the clock  and Plumette (a maid in the castle), the feather duster. These people are one of those who remained loyal to Beast, and believed that the kind and soft-hearted boy, that was lost in his father’s attempt to make him as barbaric as he is, still resides beneath the beastly appearance of their master. They long to see that boy again, and decided to stay and help him get through the curse. Another story of loyalty is that of Lefou, Gaston’s (the narcissistic antagonist) sidekick, who stayed with him and feed his ego. He even abet with Gaston’s attempt to kill Maurice.  In the end, he gained nothing but betrayal. A mother’s unconditional love was also given justice as the character of Mrs. Potts (head of the castle’s kitchen), the teapot,  never ceased to give hope to her child, Chip, the teacup, that he’ll be able to go back to the carefree and valiant little boy he was, once the curse is gone. Then comes the boundless love between Madame de Garderobe (opera singer), the wardrobe , who tried to fight falling asleep, with the hopes of being able to see her husband, Maestro Cadenza (the composer), the harpsichord, who was situated a few floors below from her on the castle. The moment the last petal of the rose fell, delivering the curse into it’s final course, made me shed some tears.  They were all about to become inanimate house antiques forever, yet they still tussle their way to one another, to where they belong.


It’s not always the story of the lead characters that is appealing to the viewers. Sometimes, the side stories that were created to make the main story shine, also catches our eyes.

What the story tells us is to always find the beauty within every beast. Regardless of what figure that beast turns out to be. It maybe the upstream people who make your day hard. There must be something that they’ve gone through, or are still getting through, that made them the person they are today. Or it maybe a situation you are now into. No matter how dark and rough the roads are, be confident that soon it will end. You’ll learn through this journey, and it will turn you into the person you never thought you can be. And that’s the beauty in it.

End of the line is that, we all are princes and princesses in our own rights. We all are living our own fairy tales. We are the only ones who can turn our once upon a time into a happily ever after. And of course, a perfect prince charming is a great bonus to that.


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