Does it ever happened to you when you feel like you’re going nowhere in life.? You are doing the same thing everyday and the cycle just keeps going on? Because that’s exactly what i am feeling right now.

Today, i woke up early to prepare myself for work. Had breakfast. Walked to my workplace (libre pamasahe, exercise done! at least, this part is a win-win thing. 😊). Tried my best to do my work well. Had lunch with colleagues. Finished my shift. Went home. Took a nap because I’m oncall. Woke up for dinner. Prepared for my night shift. Walked back again to work. And viola! Another day passed by just like that.

I am not complaining or anything about the blessings I am continuously receiving, but I dont know why there are moments when I feel like I’m not happy of what is happening with my life. Actually, its not that I am not contented but it feels like there is something more that I should be doing. I know in my heart that I’m happy with my job, I love what I do, but sometimes I end up asking myself, “Is this all you’ve got? Is this this all you’re supposed to do?”. 

Most people of my age are now successful in their chosen field, or had already started their own business. Others are getting married, and some have kids and started a family of their own. And as for me, I’m still here working my ass off, wondering why do I have to do so. It’ not because my family depends on me, but i do voluntarily give my share, though. I’m only doing what I am expected to be doing. And that’s it! Nothing more, nothing less. It feels like I am on this journey without a certain and concrete destination.I don’t know if it’s just me or everyone else goes through this point at least once in their lives. Well, the truth is, it happened for a few times already.

Right at this moment, I’m  lying here, waiting for the time to pass and finish this shift. Then again, report for duty tomorrow morning and do the same routine again and still clueless of what is it that I’m missing out on. Maybe, this is just me, being maarte, sensitive and so emotional. I guess, the weather also makes me sensitive and all,haha.  I hope I’ll wake up tomorrow not wondering and wandering around(ikaw, para kanino ka bumabangon?😂) So, let’s just end it with this, quarter life crisis is real, honey!  Goodnight everyone! Ciao!

 PS. I’m not used to expressing my feelings. So,  i wonder if I can just write it down. I created this account without any idea of what am I supposed to share. I’m not even good in putting my thoughts into words.  Yes,  I do have few entries on my journal but they’re not even share-worthy pieces like the ones that are being published on different blog sites over the internet. I just needed something that will break that monotonous life. And I think, this will do the job.


6 thoughts on “sleep. eat. work. repeat.

  1. Why you so galing.. Hahahaha
    I did experienced that kind of crisis..
    But for me just go with the flow and let my journey to bring me to my next one.. Hahahahaha
    (Kahawa Kayo!)

    Liked by 2 people

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