Three Decades in A to Z

They say you'll experience the best years of your life in your 20s. And that life begins at 40. Then, what about the years in between?


A Work in Progress

So I was on my way home, and as usual, my mind was again caught up in a deep thought. Then this random guy approached me, handed me this piece of paper with a printed message on it while telling me to keep smiling. I think I looked so helpless and confused to his eyes. But the truth is, my brain was…

not so ordinary kind of girl

No, you don't know her. She's nowhere near perfect for a girlfriend. She's the most complicated girl to love. She overreacts over small things. She notices even the littlest of mistakes and gets mad because of it. She'll nag at you, at times. Her mood swings are very unpredictable. She laughs out loud and can…